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Public Relations


Product Specialist

Media Strategist

Public Relations - Product Integration
We place you or your brand with various hosts on multiple television shows and
print publications delivering powerful media, branding and marketing solutions

Working with my team and fellow PR professionals, we create and submit segments built around you and/or your product for local and national televisions shows throughout the United States. We will supply you with a high resolution download or link to the segment and photos taken with the host promoting your product. The host will also personally Tweet, Facebook, Instagram.  Your website will be linked to the shows website as well as You may also use anything that we supply you with in all your ongoing marketing efforts such as your personal website, social media platforms, print or other media outlets. 

Social Media Push

Placement includes

personal posts from host on Instagram, Facebook, twitter

Media Strategy

Placement on local and national television shows

Print publications

Shopping networks

Product Placement

Placement and promotion on local and national television shows, film and print publications. 

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